'COMPANY' is our competition team which competes at various different types of competitions throughout the UK on a monthly basis allowing our  students to train with like minded young dancers and perform more frequently on a wider scale whilst enhancing their level of training. 


Company students consist of both TDC and non - TDC students aged between 7 - 18 years old who train on a weekly basis in:

- Street Dance

- Hip Hop

- Contemporary 


Our competition team is divided into Blue Squads  which are our street dance teams based on age and ability. All company members train in core street dance/ hip hop however are also given the opportunity to be assessed to join the Contemporary Elite team where they will endure further training in body conditioning, technique and choreography.

Previous dance training is not required to attend, however we are looking for young dancers who display the qualities of a #tdckid and are:
Hard - working boys and girls who are eager to learn and display a strong commitment to their craft as a young dancer are desired regardless of dance experience.
All current company members are required to re - audition each year, this allows us to maintain the standard and ensure that each child auditioning is given a fair opportunity to be selected to join the team.

We will not be holding auditions to accept new company members this year. The next auditions to join our company team will take place next September/October 2021.
Please feel free to register their interest at info@twiindance.co.uk.